CosMic-IT Custom Development

With the help of tailor-made software development, we offer you the most efficient Salesforce solution, adapted to your special requirements.

Salesforce Development Services

With our decade long experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and after working with 250+ customers across the globe from varied industries and sizes, we understand specific business needs and help you transform your business beyond standard functionality. With our wide array of Salesforce solutions, we help enterprises enhance their productivity.


In order to meet complex business challenges, we can customize our Salesforce development services so that the business doesn’t have to change their processes in order to fit into the Salesforce CRM. Our rapid and cost-effective measures will leverage your business a better growing aspect. The out-of-the-box workflow and custom reports drive more success from the platform to end solutions.

You can partner with us for your custom Salesforce development requirements and for enabling you with the best CRM solution for varying customer needs across many industry domains. Our expert team consists of the following professionals who will endow the best Salesforce Development Services.

We offer development services for Android / iOS applications through our remote development centers. We mainly focus on the development of Android applications for business applications.

  • More than 80% Certified resources
  • Experienced API developers on the most complex projects
  • Android - / - iOS application developer
  • Experienced System architects
  • Experienced Node.js, Angular.js developers
  • Experienced Lightning developers.
  • UI designers and developers

Salesforce Development

Our Salesforce certified developers will always assist you to unveil the total potential of Salesforce CRM and hence, customize the solution to map as per your business needs. Our Salesforce development services include the following:

Client-centric dashboard and user interface Authentic Custom Salesforce App development Development using and Apex Extending functionalities and scopes
  • Client-centric dashboard and user interface
  • Authentic Custom Salesforce App developmen
  • Development using and Apex
  • Experienced System architects
  • Extending functionalities and scopes

Third party implementation

CosMic-IT enables you to connect existing or new third-party tools to Salesforce. Through tailored software development, we connect your desired applications to your new or existing Salesforce system. The connectivity of your tools increases the simplicity of work and the productivity of your employees. We offer suitable interfaces to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

Custom development

We develop individual interfaces, browser plug-ins or additional apps that are connected to Salesforce to optimize your processes and make everyday work simple. With the help of tailor-made software development, we enable smooth collaboration and interaction with and in Salesforce. .

Service Analytics

Being available to both service agents and service managers, Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein provides insights into department and agent performance. You can see reports of different complexity. EXPLORE MORE It can be a report on a first contact resolution rate.

User interface customization

Complex and individual processes require an individual platform. With the help of innovative software development, we offer you the option of customizing your Salesforce user interface according to your wishes. Email templates, special fields and functions - we offer you a unique Salesforce experience.


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