In the thicket of the latest technologies and digital progress, it is of the utmost importance to stay up to date with the use of suitable technology in every business area. Discover the myriad of ways that our solutions can strengthen your business and increase your profitability. From everyday business needs that require IT front-end solutions to high quality back-end technology solutions that would allow you to connect with a global audience, we have the resources and skills to help you to give the necessary lead.



In order to keep pace with the rapidly developing technical world, "plug-and-play" or fully integrated "ready-to-use" systems are often not sufficient. These systems may not be optimally tailored to your company's needs, and more and more companies are turning to CosMicIT to get fully integrated, bespoke software models and sustainable business support solutions.


We strengthen the ability to combine understanding, creativity and rationality to meet your needs and get companies on the road to success. We work closely with our customers and their partners to ensure that we are at the same wavelength at every step of the development process. We optimize the use of resources and technologies to introduce, develop, manufacture innovative products and support them throughout their life cycle.


We offer a mix of on-site, field and remote services in the areas:

  • Interior solutions
  • Seating solutions
  • Body shell solutions
  • Drive & chassis solutions
  • CAE solutions
  • Manufacturing solutions



From operational models "off the shelf" to exclusive, tailor-made Internet marketing solutions, all amazing designs require technical skills that, in combination with articulated creativity, create experiences that not only score with their visual appeal, but also add value and provide interactive user experiences.


The skills of our creative and technical teams span the definition of user interface design strategies, in-depth market research, interactive design workshops, rapid prototyping, visual graphics and information architecture, enabling the creation of an immersive web design , which enables a compelling front-end user experience.



  • Tailored web solutions
  • Digital advertisements and campaigns
  • Online trading portals
  • Rich internet applications
  • User-defined web design using open source CMS and WordPress
  • Partnerships with major technology and global companies.



Improvements require changes. Perfection means frequent changes. Quality is a constantly growing goal - the better you are, the better you want to get. In order to meet the desire for improvement, you have to change constantly, bring it up to date and move forward. Testing and quality assurance are the only way to ensure that you are perfect. Testing is an important part of the software development cycle, and accounts for an average of 21% of the project budget, justified by the role it plays in delivering high quality results and ensuring profitability.


We take on the full range of test roles required for application development projects, including test analysts, senior test analysts, test leads, test managers and automation auditors, performance auditors and E2E audits. Our consultants are handpicked so that we can provide our customers with the best expertise.

  • Reduce the risk of staff turnover and Avoid recruiting costs
  • flexibility.
  • Reduce the risk of staff turnover

With specialization in AWS, CosMic-IT offers its customers a range of technology services based on their business needs. Here is a snapshot of these services.